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Leonid Baratov (Stage Director)

(1895 - 1964)

It were borne on 20 March (on 1 April) 1895 in Moscow. One of the most noticeable operatic directors of the country in 40-50- e yr.
In 1918-23 yr. it played in the dramatic theaters. In 1923 was placed the comedy Of "lizistrata" Of aristofana in the musical studio of Moscow artistic theater. And from this year he became actor and director of studio, subsequently musical theater name vl. i.Nemirovicha-Danchenko.
In 1924 it were removed in Yuri zhelyabuzhskiy in the "cigarette maker from Mossel‘proma" - the film, which became classics of Soviet satiric cinematography.
Leonid Baratov began its career in the Bolshoi theater in 1931 it it were prolonged to 36- GO g., then for two years it worked in the Sverdlovsk (now Ekaterinburg) state theater of opera and ballet im. A. v.Lunacharskiy. Since 1938 on 43-1 was the chief director of the Leningrad state academic theater of opera and ballet of name S. m.Kirova (now Mariinskiy). In 1944 as the chief director it returned in the large. 49- m the post of the main thing lost, but up to 56th g. it continued to work in the Bolshoi theater.
In 1950 it, student of Vladimir Ivanovich nemirovicha-Danchenko, became the chief director of Moscow musical theater the name Of k. s.Stanislavskiy and vl. i.Nemirovicha-Danchenko, where, in turn, it brought up to itself outstanding successor - the following chief director of this theater Leo Mikhaylov. In the 40‘s it led the Moscow studio of variety skill. In 1947-64 yr. he was the professor of the state institute of the theatrical skill of the name Of a. v.Lunacharskiy (now Russian academy of theatrical skill).
Rotating iron drums left the splendid models of the plays of the so-called large style - its setting it leaned M. musorgskogo "Boris Godunov" and "khovanshchina" not only entered into the history of operatic theater, but also, until now continues their stage life. The first (setting of 1948) - on the scene of the Bolshoi theater, the second - on the scene Of Mariinski.
In the Bolshoi theater, besides "Boris Godunov" (1946, 1948), it placed the operas:
"turandot" of J. puchchini (1931)
"pskovityanka" Of n. rimskogo-Korsakov(1932)
"Yevgeny Onegin" P. Tschaikovsky (1933)
"prince Igor" A. Borodin (1934)
"mazepa" Of p. Tschaikovsky (1934)
"Hispalensis is barber" J. Rossini (1935)
the "Queen of Spades" Of p. Tschaikovsky (1944)
"Ivan Susanin" Of m. glinkya (1945)
"khovanshchina" Of m. musorgskiy (1950)
The "sorochinskaya fair" Of m. musorgskogo (1952)
"nikita Of vershinin" Of d. kabalevskogo (1955) - the first setting
"sorceress" Of p. Tschaikovsky (1958)

At present the repertoire of the Bolshoi theater includes two plays, set by Leonid baratov, this "Boris Godunov" and "Queen of Spades".
Leonid baratov was honored five Stalin (State) prizes - for setting of opera "emel‘yan Of pugachev" Of m. kovalya (Perm‘, the Leningrad theater of opera and the ballet im. Kirov, 1943), for the setting in the Bolshoi theater of opera "Boris Godunov" (1949), the operas Of "mazepa" (1950), the operas Of "khovanshchina" (1951) and for placing in the theater im. Kirov opera "family of Taras" Of d. kabalevskogo (1952).
In 1958 to him was appropriated the title "people artist OF THE RSFSR".
He died in Moscow on 22 July, 1964.

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