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Fedor Fedorovskiy (Set Designer)

Outstanding Russian theatrical artist of first half KHKH of century. It were borne 14 (26) December of 1883 in Chernigov. Student of Mikhail vrubel and Constantine Korovin. In 1907 with the gold medal graduated from The stroganovskoye artistic- industrial school and was obtained proposal to remain in the school as the instructor. The successfully begun pedagogical career (it taught up to 1923) did not prevent enthusiasm decorative by skill, and in 1907 Fedorov arrived into the Bolshoi theater. In the same year the artist won the competition of the sketches of decorations and suits to "Carmen" Of zh. Bizet for the particular opera Of s. Zimin, for which it was rewarded with reward into four hundred rubles, trip for two months to Spain and with debut in the famous Moscow theater, where later it designed more than ten plays, including of the "demon" Of a. Rubenstein (1909), the "sorceress" Of p. Tschaikovsky (1913), "life for the tsar" M. glinkya (1914). In 1913-14 yr. it participated in the creation of the plays of dyagilevskikh enterprises in Paris ("M. musorgskiy‘s Khovanshchina") and London ("May night" N. Roman -Korsakova).
In 1917-19 yr. it worked in the theater of the Moscow council of working, peasant and Red Army deputies. He was active participant and organizer of artistic section in the artistic- enlightenment division of Moscow council. To the celebration on 1 May 1918- GO for the first time they decoratively designed Red Square.
In 1921 engaged itself the post of the manager by the theatrical part of the Bolshoi theater and at the same time as artist-director bol‘shy it for the first time designed ballet scenes the "dance of Salomes" (to the music from the opera "Salome" Of r. Strauss) and "martial dance" (to the music from the ballet "Daphnis and Khloya" Of m. ravelya).
In the Bolshoi theater in 1921-23 yr. Fedorov designed eight ballets, six of which were set by Aleksandr gorskiy: the "dance of Salomes" to the music Of r.Shtrausa, "zhizel‘" Of a. Adam, the "trinkets" to V. a.Motsart‘s music, "eternally living flowers" (dancing idea for the children to the music Of b. asaf‘ev et al.), the "vain precaution" Of l. gerol‘d, the "grotto of Venus" (ballet scene from the opera Of r. Wagner‘s "Tangeyzer").
It became the first designed Fedorov in the Bolshoi theater opera in 1922. "Hispalensis barber" J. Rossini, in the same year Fedorov created decoration and suits to "Bohemia" of J. puchchini, "Rigoletto" G. Verdi and "Carmen".
In its first works it already appeared itself as talented colorist, who originally connected Constantine Korovin‘s precepts, the principles of decorative miriskusnichestva and the tradition of the painting of itinerant artists. In the Bolshoi theater, developing the plastic of stage plane-table, it began to assert the picturesque- volumetric method, with the aid of the painting which allowed the "complex architectural volumes, built into several plans and those rhythmical connected with each other, to report to the spectator as single whole, creating naturalistic illusion".
It attempted to create bright, monumental theatrical spectacles, which in many respects was determined by its thrust to the Russian history and desire to place the operas of the composers of "powerful heap". Three times it was turned k "Boris Godunov" Of m. musorgskogo (1927, 1946, 1948), the "mermaid" Of a. dargomyzhskiy (1931, 1937, 1944), to "prince Igor" A. Borodin (1934, 1944, 1953 yr), twice - to the "tsarist bride" Of n. rimskogo-Korsakov -Korsakova (1927,1955 yr.), "charge" N. rimskogo-Korsakov -Korsakova (1935, 1949), "pskovityanke" Of n. rimskogo-Korsakov -Korsakova (1932), "khovanshchine" Of m. musorgskiy (1950).
From the middle the 30‘s Fedor fedorovskiy and worked with it directors Vladimir losskiy and Leonid baratov assert on the scene of large theatrical style "the theater- giant, which is necessary for the country of giants and must in everything correspond to the grandeur of the scales of the spread of socialist building". the Heroics- monumental work of artist satisfied the requirements of "new epoch" and found response in "new spectator". In this case Fedorov was always guided by the desire to make a musical theater by emotional- that saturated - immense beauty of such legendary plays, as "Boris Godunov" and "tsarist bride" disturbs spectators and today.
The famous golden- ruby-colored curtain of the historical scene of the Bolshoi theater is executed on the sketches of Fedorov. The creation in the Bolshoi theater of model workshop, chemically- dyeing laboratory is connected with the name of artist, props, spinning, etc. it is shop. In 1927-29 yr. and 1947-53 yr. it occupied the post of the main artist of large.
In 1936 the figures and the models of the ruby stars, established at the apexes of the towers of the Moscow Kremlin, were made Fedorov.
Its exhibitions were passed to Moscow, Leningrad, Paris, and also Italy and America. At present the work of artist are stored in the largest museums of Russia and abroad, the rich collection of its sketches is assembled in the museum of the Bolshoi theater. He was the full member (since 1947) and the Vice President (in 1947-53 yr.) of the academy of fine arts USSR. Rewards The possessor of five Stalin (state OF THE USSR) rewards, including for the settings in the Bolshoi theater it leaned: "Boris Godunov" (1949), "charge" (1950) and "khovanshchina" (1951). In 1930 it was honored title "deserved worker OF THE RSFSR", in 1943. - title "people artist OF THE RSFSR", 1951- m g. - title "people artist OF THE USSR". Twice, into 1937 and 1951, it were rewarded by the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, and in 1954 was obtained the Order of Lenin.

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