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The State Dance Ensemble of Belarus (Ensemble)

The State Dance Ensemble of Belarus is a leading choreographic collective of the country. It was created almost 50 years ago and after a number of years it became the best professional collective of Belarus. In October 1999 the government of the republic conferred the ensemble an honorary title of Honoured Collective of the Republic of Belarus.

There are more than 50 actively used concert turns in the group repertoire, which are combined into several big programs. The Program "Belarusian Casket" has gathered traditional and genre Belarusian folk dances, the program "Round Dance of Friends" is composed of the world peoples dances and of the peoples that inhabit Belarus, the program "The Song about Bison" is dedicated to the most interesting pages of the centuries-old history of the Belarusians. Repertoire of the Honored Collective of the Republic of BelarusState Dance Ensemble of Belarus State Institution

Concerts of the State Dance Ensemble of the Republic of Belarus enchant the audience with wonderful colours of costumes, beautiful melodies, masterly feats, exciting performance of dances. The Ensemble is renowned in every corner of Belarus and in the CIS-states. The mastership of artists was repeatedly greeted with applause in China, the USA, Italy, France, Spain, Brazil, Germany, India, Sri Lanka, Yugoslavia, the Netherlands, Egypt, the Lebanon and other countries of the world.

The press of all these countries has always appreciated professional and artistic level of the concerts of the troupe of the State Dance Ensemble of Belarus Honorary Collective of the Republic of Belarus.

Valentin Dudkevich

For the last twenty years the ensemble is directed by the People`s artist of Belarus, professor Valentin Dudkevich. The Folklore Art is a way of conservation of the generation-binding historic traditions for him. The synthesis of folklore and of the best achievements of the world choreography is an artistic credo of Valentin Dudkevich as a ballet-master and the most precise definition of the contents of all the program of the State Dance Ensemble of Belarus.

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