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Show Chocolade (classical circus performance)
Nikulin State Classical Moscow Circus (established 1880)

Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes

Schedule for Chocolade (classical circus performance) 2021-2022

The famous "CHOCOLATE" show
Pure circus and pure enjoyment!

Chocolate and the circus? Strange combination, is it not? Hardly so. The name speaks for itself, and if you're a sweet tooth - the memories of that delicious show will stay with you for the rest of your life! This time the Nikulin Circus created a performance filled with "chocolate" fantasies. The history of chocolate - from the ancient aztecs, olmecs and maya through Spain and Europe - appears in a very easy and unobtrusive way.

Maxim Nikulin, the General Manager and Artistic Director of the Moscow Circus on Tzvetnoy Boulevard, says "In this show we keep up with our basic course - traditional circus - but we also attempt to find new unconventional forms, original aesthetics. It is no revolution, no experiment. Though experimenting in small doses might be of use…"

You meet the "celestial food" in the lobby, where you're offered hot chocolate, a light "choco make-up" by the circus painter, and chocolate bars with Nikulin Circus emblem. Come with kids - the entertainers make sure they don't get bored!
Every number is an independent picture - amusing, romantic, or nostalgic at a time. Each one is "tasty" and beautifully designed. The scenery, costumes and properties look as if "made of chocolate". The music also contributes to the pleasant atmosphere of this stylish show.
Still, the pivot of the performance is not the "chocolate" idea itself, but the mastery of actors. Surely, the Moscow Circus has got great gymnasts, beautiful dancers, exotic tamers and daredevil horse riders. Your breath stops, and when you think it couldn't be more thrilling - the acrobats enter the stage. And it goes on like this - there is always another trick that stuns you even more.


1. "We come from Mexico" - horse-riders (Moscow Circus on Vernadsky Prospekt) under the direction of Yakov Ekk, Honoured Artist of Russia, Laureate of the Moscow Government Prize, Laureate of the "CIRCUS" National Prize".
2. "Autumn… Circus… Chocolate… " - gymnasts on the canvas - Alexander Shabanov and Lina Langer.
3. "You like chocolate, don't you?" - eccentrics with cats - Anelya Roslyakova, Laureate of the 7th International Youth Festival of Circus Art (Moscow).
4. "Nepara" - gymnast on the original device - Alexandra Poldi, Laureate of the International Competition "Russian Circus Princess" (Saratov).
5. "From Childhood" - trained bears - Viktor Koudryavtsev, People's Artist of Russia, and Olga Koudryavtseva, Honoured Artist of Russia.
6. "Chocolate Tango" - equilibrists on the chairs with hats - Maxim Roubtsov and Yekaterina Roubtsova.
7. "Bon Bon" - acrobats on the Russian pole under the direction of Svetlana Gvozdetskaya, Gold Medal Winners of the International Festival "Circus of Tomorrow" (Paris).
8. "Manu Chao" ("Parrots Show") - Veniamin Igoumnov, Laureate of the International Competition (Saratov).


1. "Assorti" - dancing group under direction of Lina Langer.
2. "Strange" - original antipode - Natalja Yegorova, Laureate of International Competitions.
3. "Nostalgia" - acrobat in the wheel - Marat Baskakov.
4. "Sunday" - gymnast on the trapeze - Goulnara Gibadoullina, Laureate of the International Circus Competition in Germany.
5. "Joke" - eccentricity with a horse - Julia Yakoubovskaya, Laureate of International Competitions.
6. "Date" - air gymnasts in a frame - Yevgenia Borovikova, Laureate of the International Circus Competition (Budapest, 2008) and Alexei Artemjev, Silver Prize Winner of the International Youth Circus Festival in (Moscow, 2005).
7. "White Chocolate" - acrobats on the track under the direction of Sergei Roubtsov, Honoured Artist of Russia, Silver Clown Winner on the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival.

Choco-Man ("Chocolate") - Alexander Pouchkov
Clowns Duet "Mic-Mac"
(Andrei Sharnin and Nikolai Kormiltsev, Honoured Artists of Russia)

Choreography - Lina Langer
Dancing Group "Assorti" - Lina Langer, Yelena Konova, Anastasia Bazyleva, Marat Baskakov, Alexander Pouchkov
Master of Ceremony - Goulnara Gibadoullina
Singer - Olesya Grinfeld
Music - Denis Panfilov
Costume Designers - Asya Davydova, Varvara Zhemchouzhnikova (fashion atelier "Star Best II")
Director - Yelena Poldi

Schedule for Chocolade (classical circus performance) 2021-2022

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