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09 February 2022 (Wed), 19:00 Moscow Kremlin Theatre of Classical Russian Ballet - Classical Ballet Sergei Prokofiev "Romeo and Juliet" (Choreographic fantasy in three acts). State Academic Theatre of Classical Ballet Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev

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Schedule for Sergei Prokofiev "Romeo and Juliet" (Choreographic fantasy in three acts). State Academic Theatre of Classical Ballet Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev 2022

Composer: Sergei Prokofiev
Ballet company: State Academic Theater of Classical Ballet N. Kasatkina and V. Vasileva

Classical Ballet in 3 acts

World premiere: 11 January 1940, Kirov Theatre, Leningrad, USSR

One of the world's best versions of Prokofiev's famous ballet. The combination of large-scale Renaissance frescoes with the psychologism of ХХ century art.

Romeo and Juliet is the most famous ballet by Prokofiev and the most ever popular ballet about love. This choreographic version of the tragedy by Shakespeare was first seen on the Mariinsky Theatre stage in 1940. It had been staged by Leonid Lavrovsky, who closely worked with Prokofiev on this production. This is an amazingly touching and thrilling performance.
The Daily Telegraph: "From the present day point of view, the production has many positive qualities: the clearly defined story line; the elegant, refined dance, the lyrical duets; the sets by Pyotr Williams, the faded grandeur of which precisely conveys the atmosphere of Renaissance Italy. Here, too, absolute faith and self-giving from the two lovers, from the very depths of their souls, is essential. It is this that is brought to the ballet by the soloists of the Mariinsky Ballet Company. They are stunning; they are of those dancers who, it would appear, know instinctively that they are born for the stage"

Choreography by Natalya Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilyov
Libretto by Natalya Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilyov
based on William Shakespeare's tragedy and Sergey Prokofiev's scenario
Design by Iosif Sumbatashvili

The captivated Shakespeare’s story is told in the language of ballet.

It is an expressive picture of Renaissance Verona with a number of bright characters. So, in one evening you can see many of the leading soloists of the troupe at once.


Love is in the air of a morning Verona. Young Romeo, heir to the Montague dynasty, wanders alone through the sleeping streets. The young man dreams about the unapproachable Rosaline, whom he hopelessly loves.

Romeo's solitude is interrupted by his friends Mercutio and Benvolio, who walk unsteadily after the night festivities.

Meanwhile, another love drama is going on nearby. Nell the laundress turned two men's heads at once: Gregorio and Sampson. Each of them is sure that the flighty Nelly loves only him. An inevitable quarrel breaks out between the rivals.

The squabble of the servants soon escalates into a fight between the supporters of the two feuding families — the Montagues and Capulets.

Soon knights join the battle, and then the heads of the houses.

Only the Duke of Verona, the guardian of the city order, can stop the battle. Desperate to reconcile the families, the Duke announces that henceforth the instigators of the fights will pay for the bloodshed with their lives.

Meanwhile, in the Capulet estate, Juliet's nurse wakes up her ward. The nurse, a simple and harsh woman, selflessly loves her little Juliet and forgives the girl her childish mischief.

Juliet's games are interrupted by Lord and Lady Capulet. The strict parents announce to their daughter that she's not a child anymore and it's time to think about marriage: count Paris asks for her hand. The groom is looking forward to meeting young Juliet at the upcoming ball.

In the evening, elegant guests gather at the Capulets.

Having learnt that Rosaline will come to the celebration, Romeo, Mercutio and Benvolio sneak into the Capulet's ball. In the great hall smug Capulet guests are dancing, and among them — light-hearted Juliet. Romeo is amazed by her appearance: in an instant he forgets about Rosaline. Juliet also notices a handsome young man who follows her with his eyes. Seizing the moment, Romeo joins Juliet in the dance. For a moment the world ceases to exist for Romeo and Juliet: love sparkles at first sight.

The idyll is broken by Juliet's cousin Tybalt: he recognizes a Montague and is ready to pick a fight. But Lord Capulet does not want to spoil the ball with a fight and allows Romeo to leave.
After the ball, the lovers meet away from other people's eyes. Having forgotten about the feud between their families, Romeo and Juliet swear true love to each other.

The streets of Verona are filled with music and laughter: there is a carnival in the city, and the dressed up Veronese are dancing in the square.

The Nurse walks decorously through the crowd: she is looking for Romeo on behalf of her ward. Seeing the all dressed up Nurse, mischievous Mercutio can not resist jokes and ridicule. Having got rid of the annoying attention of the joker, the Nurse gives Romeo a message from Juliet.

During the church service the Montagues and Capulets peacefully listen to the sermon of Friar Laurence: no one dares to quarrel in God's house.

When the congregation leaves, Romeo and Juliet are left alone: the Church is the only place they can meet. The young couple begs Laurence to marry them as soon as possible. The monk agrees to perform the ceremony in the hope that the union of Juliet and Romeo will put an end to the deadly feud between the two families.

Meanwhile, in the carnival turmoil, Tybalt and Mercutio come face-to-face. Careless Mercutio is clowning and mimicking Tybalt, irritating him more and more. Romeo hurries to reconcile the rivals: his union with Juliet left him no hatred for the Capulets.

In the ensuing fight Romeo steps between the rivals, but from under his arm Tybalt manages to inflict a mortal wound on Mercutio.

While the crowd mourns everybody's favorite, Romeo, distraught with grief, rushes to avenge his friend's death.

Hearing the noise of the battle, Juliet runs out and watches in horror the battle of the two men she loves. After a fierce struggle, Romeo delivers the decisive blow, and a breathless Tybalt falls to the ground. Friar Laurence takes Romeo away in a hurry to save him from the Duke's wrath.

In the evening Romeo secretly comes to Juliet's room. The lovers spend their first wedding night foreboding their separation. Early in the morning, having heard a noise outside the door, Romeo and Juliet are forced to say goodbye.

Lord and Lady Capulet bring Paris to their daughter. The count dreams about marrying Juliet, and the girl's parents have already blessed this marriage. Juliet is terrified: she can't renounce Romeo! But Lord Capulet is implacable: everything will be as he ordered.

Juliet is desperate. She has no one to ask for help but Friar Laurence. The monk offers a solution: the girl will drink a potion that will plunge her into a deep sleep, that will look like death. As is the custom, Juliet will be carried in an open coffin to the family crypt. Meanwhile, Friar Laurence will send word to Romeo who will arrive just in time for the awakening of Juliet and will take her away from Verona forever.

At home, Juliet obediently agrees to marry Paris. Left alone, the girl is tormented by gloomy forebodings, but still drinks the potion and falls unconscious.

The next morning the Capulet house is noisy and cheerful: preparations for the wedding are underway. Being in good spirits, Lord Capulet valiantly flirts with Nell the laundress.

The festive mood is broken by the mournful cry of the Nurse from Juliet's room. Lord Capulet disappears through the door and returns with the lifeless body of his daughter in his arms.

The funeral procession goes to the crypt. The news of Juliet's death reached Romeo sooner than Laurence's letter. In grim determination, Romeo hurries to Verona.

Having sneaked into the crypt, the young man embraces Juliet for the last time and plunges the dagger into his own heart. In this moment Juliet wakes up from the dead sleep and sees her beloved alongside. Only with Romeo's last breath does Juliet realize that the irreparable has happened. Without hesitation, she pierces her own chest with a dagger to reunite forever with her beloved.

Over the bodies of their children, the Montagues and Capulets forget their feud and hold out their hands to each other.

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Schedule for Sergei Prokofiev "Romeo and Juliet" (Choreographic fantasy in three acts). State Academic Theatre of Classical Ballet Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev 2022

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