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08 October 2019 (Tue), 19:00 Moscow Kremlin Theatre of Classical Russian Ballet - Classical Ballet Peter Tchaikovsky "The Sleeping Beauty" (ballet in 3 acts) The State Classic Ballet Theatre

Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes (till 21:20)

Schedule for Peter Tchaikovsky "The Sleeping Beauty" (ballet in 3 acts) The State Classic Ballet Theatre 2020

Composer: Peter Tchaikovsky
Libretto: Natalia Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev
Choreography: Natalia Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev
Stills: Elisaveta Dvorkina
Choreography: Marius Petipa
Costume Designer: Elizaveta Dvorkina

Classical Ballet in 3 acts

This production of Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet is the original author’s version of choreographers Natalia Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev. Having preserved all the classic masterpieces of the choreography of the great Marius Petipa, the directors sated the music with a new act. Due to the combination of the plots of two fairy tales - “Sleeping Beauty” and “Beauty and the Beast”, the content of the ballet has become more dynamic, intriguing and magical.

Performance by The State Classic Ballet Theatre

Ballet in 3 Acts with prologue and apotheosis, based on S.Perrot’s fairy-tale
The original version made by Natalia Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev

Choreography: M.Petipa, N.Kasatkina, V.Vasilev
Libretto: N.Kasatkina, V.Vasilev
Stills and costumes: E.Dvorkina

"The Sleeping Beauty" – is a treasurer of choreography masterpieces. Every dancer, every spectator can find anything for his own taste here. And at each performance, Aurora wakes up to start a new life.

The charm of this fairy-tale about Princess Aurora and Prince the Saviour, immortal music by great Tchaikovsky and genius choreography by Marius Petipa has been attracting ballet lovers’ attention for more than 110 years, from the date of its first stage.

Peaceful, gorgeous, exquisite “The Sleeping Beauty”, with its Lilac and Canary fairies, takes you away to the kingdom of dreams and forgotten wishes.

Some stories tell us, those a hundred years ago, having seen “The Sleeping Beauty”, a great painter Alexander Benua became a ballet lover. It’s quite possible, all the spectators, who watch this ballet, will follow his way.


The Sleeping Beauty

Fragment 1   Fragment 2


Act I

Picture the first. Sky.

The constellations of the zodiac twinkle in the night sky.

The second picture. Garden of King Florestan.

In the kingdom, preparations are underway for Princess Aurora's 17th birthday. Weavers weave a tapestry with her portrait. The princess has not woken up yet, the Queen accepts the congratulations of the Lilac Fairy and her entourage. Fairy Carabosce interrupts the joyful mood. She forgot to invite to a holiday. Carabosse brutally cracks down on the main master of ceremonies, Catalabut, predicts a terrible fate for Aurora - the Princess will inject a knitting needle and die! The king and queen are terrified! The good fairy of the Lilac reassures them - the Princess will not die but will fall asleep for several centuries. Wake Aurora kiss the beautiful Prince.

Florestan takes away weavers and breaks knitting needles, and drives them out of the kingdom. The holiday begins. Four Princes enter the palace garden. Among them is Prince Desire. Aurora runs in. Desiree is amazed at her beauty, but the Princess also froze when she saw the beautiful young man. One moment - and her choice is made. Strict parents need to pay attention to all the fiancés, although they have already realized that what happened is incredible - love at first sight. Four Princes give Aurora bouquets. Another bouquet Princess receives from the newly arrived Prince - Aurora liked these unusual flowers. But suddenly she drops the bouquet. In her hand is a needle, which she pricked a finger. Laughing fairy Carabos - she is in men's clothes gave a deadly bouquet. Desiree, seizing the sword, rushes after the evil fairy. The king and queen are in terrible grief. But the Lilac fairy reminds that Aurora is not dead, she is sleeping. A good fairy lulls everyone present — when the princess wakes up, she will be among the close ones. The palace is tightened by dense thickets and the grieved Desiree does not recognize the beautiful garden, where he has found and lost his love.


Act II

The third picture. Forest.

In the dense forest, the mentor Desiree Halifron tries to entertain the young man with a bear hunt, and engage in dancing with charming maids of honor. But the Prince is inconsolable. He wants to be alone. Everything is deleted. The prince falls asleep. He dreams of a fairy Lilac, and Aurora among the inhabitants of the forest - dryads. Waking up, Desiree entreats the Lilac fairy to show him the path to Aurora. The fairy explains to the Prince that the path lies through the centuries, but if he manages to go through it and kisses Aurora, she will wake up. The fairy Carabos adds that Desiree will age for as many years as his journey lasts: Aurora will wake up, but he will die. But Desiree is ready to sacrifice himself for his beloved.

The fourth picture. Sky.

The road along the River of Time is helped by the Prince to pass the signs of the Zodiac. And here he is at the goal. Exhausted, he almost crawls over to Aurora, stretches to kiss her. But suddenly a mirror appears in front of him. Desiree recoils, seeing a display of a decrepit, frail old man. Not! So he can not get closer to Aurora.



The fifth picture. The ruins of the palace Florestan.

The icy ruins of the once beautiful palace. Through the hole, the silhouette of a modern night city shines through. A sleeping Aurora and all her close ones are visible through the ice curtain. Desiree grieves at Aurora. A fairy Carabosse arises above her, ready to hit the Princess with a knitting needle. With the last effort, the Prince rises, closes Aurora with him, Carabosse retreats. Desiree leans over Aurora and kisses her ... hand. Aurora and everyone wakes up. The prince wants to leave. Aurora tries to stop him, but the King and the Queen block her way. All the courtiers join them. Nobody wants Aurora to see instead of the beautiful prince a decrepit gray-haired old man. Fairy Carabos is also intervening. But the lilac fairy stops everyone. Aurora rushes to his beloved. She is not embarrassed by his poor appearance. She embraces Desiree and sheds tears over him. The Lilac Fairy waved her magic wand - and here, next to Aurora, was again the young and beautiful Desiree.


The sixth picture. Palace.

In the glittering bright white castle A,urora and Desiree celebrate the wedding. They are congratulated by the courtiers dressed in costumes from different fairy tales: "Little Red Riding Hood and the Gray Wolf", "Puss in Boots", "Fingerling Boy", "Blue Bird" and many other fairy tales. Universal rejoicing!


Seventh picture. Sky.

Lovers are left alone. They are surrounded only by ghostly heavenly signs - the constellations of the zodiac. Cosmic silence.

Schedule for Peter Tchaikovsky "The Sleeping Beauty" (ballet in 3 acts) The State Classic Ballet Theatre 2020

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