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17 December 2019 (Tue), 19:00 Moscow Kremlin Theatre of Classical Russian Ballet - Classical Ballet "Christmas Ballet-gala" Christmas ballet concert with the stars of the world ballet

Running time: 2 hours (till 21:00)

The performance has 1 intermission

Schedule for "Christmas Ballet-gala" Christmas ballet concert with the stars of the world ballet 2020

Classical Ballet in 2 act

On December 19, 2017, the stage of the State Kremlin Palace will see the Christmas gala concert of the stars of the world ballet.

This project has become the annual Christmas ballet celebration, a bright cultural event, the place to meet the international performers, the many-sided mirror reflecting creative interests and tendencies of international modern ballet art.

This most magical night of the year will gather the brightest world stars of the ballet on the stage, the best compositions of the 20th-21st centuries, directed by outstanding choreographers, with the Moscow premiere of the ballet of Ivan Vasilyev the Christmas Story, based on Charles Dickens story becoming the highlight of the program.

"Through the story of one person, we show what the simple values of life mean: love, friendship, mutual aid — Ivan Vasilyev says. — This character, Scrooge, has forgotten them, has turned into a walking calculator. And he is not alone, there are many fools around".

The choreographer knows and loves the story about the avaricious Mr. Scrooge who on the Christmas night is visited by three spirits of the past. "This story accompanied me since the childhood — the choreographer continues. — I knew it from beginning to end since I was little. For me, it is a very strong association with Christmas and the New Year".

Ivan chose the music for the performance himself: Tchaikovsky's plays from the Children's Album" and the Seasons cycle, fragments from symphonies. "It is similar to the birth of thought — Ivan Vasilyev argues. — Here it is, apparently, and it is necessary to find words to express it; and such words come as if on their own. The same goes for ballet: a music comes to which everything that I want to express is perfectly projected".

In his work Ivan Vasilyev relies on two allies: the sense of humor and the united team that is ready to support any of his undertakings. The ballet is conceived to be full of characters: the Christmas History will feature Irina Perren, Ivan Zaytsev, Marat Shemiunov, Veronika Ignatyeva, Valeria Zapasnikova, Anna Kuligina, Alexey Kuznetsov, who have worked together with Ivan through the experience of the first stagings and many other performers, whom the director has managed to inspire with the new plan. For the main part - that of Mr. Scrooge Ivan Vasilyev "has picked myself".

6,000 viewers will become witnesses of the unforgettable celebration of ballet.

Christmas Ballet Gala is the best gift on the eve of the New Year for all lovers of the world-class ballet!

The night is organized with the support of the International Center of ballet.

Schedule for "Christmas Ballet-gala" Christmas ballet concert with the stars of the world ballet 2020

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