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Classical Ballet Vangelis Papathanassiou "Beauty and the Beast" (ballet in 2 acts)
Moscow Kremlin Theatre of Classical Russian Ballet

Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes

Schedule for Vangelis Papathanassiou "Beauty and the Beast" (ballet in 2 acts) 2020

Orchestra: The State Symphony Orchestra "New Russia"
Composer: Vangelis Papathanassiou

Classical Ballet in 2 acts

Lobretto by Wayne Eagling (Great Britain)

Choreographer-director - Wayne Eagling (Great Britain)
Designer - Jan Pienkowski (Great Britain)

“Beauty and the Beast” is the State Kremlin Palace international project supported by “Dance and Dancers” Belgian producer agency.
Tale as old as time of a bewitched young man and a young girl whose devoted love brings saviour from evil charms and ugliness, both bodily and spiritual, - it is an immortal plot of fairy tales and legends of all times and peoples, and a wise lesson for different generations.
Choreographer-director of the ballet Wayne Eagling (Great Britain) used to be a principal dancer to the Royal Ballet in London’s Covent Garden, later on an artistic managing director to the Dutch National Ballet, and after that to the English National Ballet, a ballet master of international renown whose performances are successfully run on high-profile stages.
The ballet’s music is composed by a legendary Vangelis, an outstanding composer and a bright melodist whose script is distinguished by a majestic symphony style and a unique transparency of intonations, whose creative activity covers a wide scale of genres and styles, such as: Beat, Rock and Roll, Ballad, New Age, Avante-garde, Ambient, Electronic… He is the author of ballets and operas, of over 40 studio albums and 50 movie soundtracks bringing him Oscar and Grammy awards.
The ballet’s artistic director, Jan Pienkowski (Great Britain), is well-known to many generations of various countries’ young readers as the author of book illustrations. Today he awarded two Greenway medals for more than 140 books published not only in Europe but also in America, Asia, Far Eastern countries and Australia. J.Pienkowski is not less famous as a scene designer, the author of decorations to performances of a number of theaters, including the Royal Ballet in London’s Covent Garden /“Beauty and the Beast”/, the maker of a magical “Sleeping Beauty” appearance in Disneyland Paris.
“Beauty and the Beast” ballet with W.Eagling’s libretto based on the old fairy tale will be a spectacular scene for family audience, fairytale in the best sense of the word, traditional and at the same time contemporary, stylish and authentic.

The performance is accompanied by the State Symphony Orchestra “Novaya Rossiya” (Artistic managing director and Principal conductor is Yuri Bashmet)
and Soloist Ensemble “New classics”. Conductor – Igor Razumovsky


Prince is looking in the mirror admiring himself. A Beggar approaches asking for alms. The Prince slaps his hands away, which causes the Beggar to fall to the ground. The Beggar picks himself up and showers the Prince with fairy dust. The Prince tries to cover up his face. When he shows us his face again we see him being a Beast.
Scene 1
Father and Beauty huddle together as Creditors arrive demanding payment. The Father empties his pockets and gives the few pennies he has to the Creditors. The Creditors start to take possessions including a portrait of his departed wife Beauty`s mother. Father and Beauty a distraught everything has gone.
One of the creditors arrives with a letter, which says Father`s ship has arrived and the Father needs to travel to the port and sell it to pay the creditors`s bills.
One of the creditors stays for a while and offers Beauty to tear up his bill if she marries him. Beaty rejects him.
Scene 2
The circumstances cause the Father to leave his home. Beauty is sobbing and bags to go with him, but the Father refuses her and commands her to stay home. But he asks if the anything she wants when he returns. A rose is her reply.
Scene 3
A pathless forest heads off the Father`s way… The trees show him unfamiliar ominous path. The Father realizes he lost himself in the forest. He sees bats flying and dears passing by… Suddenly they scatter as they see wolfs approaching…
Wondrous bears seem to be stronger then the pack of wolfs…
Out of nowhere doves fly and talk to Father showing him a path through the forest to the Beast`s mansion.
Scene 4
Hallway of lights shows Father the way to the dining room… He gingerly sits in the chair. A disembodied arm gives hime some wine, food magically appears on the table… The fire makes Father sleepy and he nods off.
The Doves appear and Father follows them to the Beast`s garden…
Scene 5
Father complies daughter`s request and picks a rose.
Beast grabs Father`s hand. A fight ensures.
Father begs the Beast to let him go and shows him a locket of Beauty. The Beast picks the locket and lets Father go on the promise he will return.
The Doves mysteriously fly into the garden and lead the Father way.
With acute fascination the Beast looks at the locket.
The Beast is steadily looking at the locket… Meanwhile Beauty is sneaking out of Father`s house and running. Looking back furtively.
Scene 1
Beauty enters the Beast`s mansion. All the servants, animals and the Beast grant charming Beauty honors. But… When the mask falls from the Beast`s face, Beauty faints.
The Beast carries Beauty into the bedroom and admiring her lays her on the bed.
The Beauty wakes up. She cannot see the Beast`s ugliness.
The Beast asks her to marry him, but three times she rejects him.
Scene 2

Every night at the same time the Beast puts on entertainment to win over Beauty`s love.
A troupe of entertainers from Venice dances a virtuoso performance for her. Sun and Moon become one by dance in the heavens…
Charmed with the Beast`s unselfishness and kindness Beauty is mellowing to him and they begin to bond.
Scene 3
Beauty is looking at the magic mirror and sees her Father. He is ill with worry and pinning for Beauty. The Beauty begs the Beast to leave to take care of her Father.
Scene 4
The Beast is sad. He hopes and waits.
Beauty pleads the Father to return to the Beast as she suddenly realizes she is in love with him.
Scene 5 
Beauty returns to the Beast`s mansion fearing the Beast is dead. The Beast did not expect Beauty to come back to him, which gives him a power to live.
Beauty`s love wakes nobility, humbleness, unselfishness and kindness in the Beast`s soul… The spell breaks and the Beast transforms back into a handsome Prince.

Schedule for Vangelis Papathanassiou "Beauty and the Beast" (ballet in 2 acts) 2020

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