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Leonard Bernstein (Composer)

(1918-1990) He were borne on 25 August 1918 in Lawrence (pcs Massachusetts).

Finished Harvard University (1939) and institute of music of Curtis (1941), it were improved in the dirizherskom skill in Sergey kusevitskiy and he was its assistant at the musical festival in Tanglvude into 1942.
Occupying into 1943-1944 posts of the assistant of conductor in the symphonic orchestra of New York philharmonic society, Bernstein, youngest of the conductors, who worked with this orchestra, drew the universal attention, with the luster after replacing venerable Bruno Walter by the concert on 14 November 1943.

He came out with New York symphonic orchestra (1943-1947), Palestinian Jewish symphonic orchestra (1947) and with New York philharmonic orchestra (1949-1950). As composer Bernstein returned tribute and to classics, and to the present.
In 1944 it wrote music to the ballet Nevlyublyayushchiysya (Fancy Free); later on this basis was created musical release into the city (On the Town). Among other ‘ brodveyskikh ‘ compositions of Bernstein - musicals Pieter Pen (Peter Pan, 1950), wonderful city (Wonderful Town, 1953), Candida (Candide, 1956), West-Side history (West Side Story, 1957; there is popular of kinoversiya of this musical), and also a mass (Mass, 1971), theatrical idea with the singing and the ballet. To the classical genres in the creation of composer belong, in particular, the first symphony of Eremius (Jeremiah, 1942), the second symphony the century of anxieties (The Age of Anxiety, 1949); the opera of agitation to Tahiti (Trouble in tahiti, 1952) and quiet place (A Quiet Place; the premier of final editorial staff - into 1984); Third symphony Of kaddish (Kaddiss, 1963), Chichesterskiye psalms for the chorus and the orchestra (Chichester Psalms, 1965). Among the literary work of Bernstein - the book happiness of music (The Joy of Music, 1959) and the infinite variety of music (The Infinite Variety of Music, 1966).

Bernstein in New York on 14 October 1990 died.

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