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Eytor Villa Lobos (Composer)

EYTOR Villa LOBOS (1887-1959)

Villa-Lobos Eytor (5.3.1887, Rio de Janeiro, 17.11.1959, there), Brazilian composer, conductor, folklorist, teacher, musical- public worker.

Head of national composer school. In the childhood was not obtained systematic musical formation. Subsequently it were occupied in F. Braga and 3. Oswald.

From 16 years, travelling on Brazil, it gathered and wrote Brazilian musical folklore. Already early composition v. L. - the orchestral suite of the "songs of sertana" (1909) - is characterized by national specificity. In 1922 as government grant-aided student v. l. it were improved in Paris. Here it associated with M. ravelem, M. de Falla, that had an effect on the creation of composer. With 1932 V. L. - government authorized on questions of musical formation in Brazil. It established in many cities of Brazil the musical schools and the choral associations. It created the ordered system of the musical training of the children (was attached great significance to choral singing).

In 1942 it organized the national conservatory of choral singing. In 1945 on its initiative in Rio de Janeiro is opened the Brazilian musical academy (v. l. he was its permanent President). Conducted the wide concert activity (it conducted on the native land, abroad). In the creation organically they are combined bright national basis with the achievements of European musical technology.

In his of composition the composer generalized the typical features of people skill. The clear example of the music, created on the basis of folklore, fourteen "Shoros" (1920 - 29), that personify the folklore genre of street ansamblevogo muzitsirovaniya, and "Brazilian bakhiany" (1944) for the instrument ensembles. V. L. - the author it leaned, ballets, 12 symphonies, symphonic poems, cycle of 9 suites "Brazilian bakhiany" (1930 - 45), 17 quartets; concerts for the piano, the violoncello, the guitar, the harp; piano suites of 3 cycles of the "worlds of child" (1918, 1921, 1926), piano cycle Of "sirandy" (1926), different instrument plays, etc.

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