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Manuel Mary Ponse (Composer)

Manuel Mary Ponse /.M.M. Ponce/ (on 8 December 1882 Fresnil`o - 24 aprelyay9ya8 of Mexico City) Mexican composer, whose collaboration with the famous Spanish guitarist - Andresom Of segoviyey it became the source of generation of one of the most excellent pages of contemporary gitarnogo repertoire.

He was symbolic, that to the encounter with Andresom Segoviyey Ponse it did not write for the guitar. From the moment of acquaintance with The the segoviyey in 1923 (beginning it was sonata №y) and to the recent days of life Ponse wrote for the guitar. In article "notes of heart and memory" Of andres Of segoviya he wrote: "the immense geography of my journeys presented to me only two or three people, which could be compared To ponse by their sincere dignity. Did require it any aid, writing for the guitar? I had to introduce it to the technical capabilities of guitar. And although it did not play on it, to it it was not difficult to feel them. All compositions To ponse were clean and excellent because the composer was always sincere, he did not write for the success, it were not interested in those, the fate of his compositions depended on whom. He wrote because felt the need to be expressed for the sounds "...

Manuel ponse`s creation is inseparably connected with the Mexican folklore. After beginning in Mexico City its musical formation, Ponse continued it in Germany and France. In Paris Mexican musician was occupied in Dyukb. after returning to Mexico, Ponse actively participates in the development of the national musical culture: it becomes leader of conservatory, bases and heads periodical "Cultura musical". Manuel ponse - author of the compositions of different genres: concerts for fortepiano, violin (one of its best executors - Heinrich Schering), stringed quartet, symphonic triptych "chapul`tatek", Mexican ballad for fortepiano also of orchestra, orchestral suite in the ancient style - "singing and the dance of ancient Mexicans" and many others. On the deep penetration To ponse into the Mexican folklore testifies the famous song Of "estrelita", which was considered people and which was composed To ponse (this song it was known and in the transcription for 4. Heifetz`s violin). Among other vocal compositions should be noted "Granada" (it is dedicated To a. segovii) and three songs to the verses Of lermontova.

In 1932 in the publishing house Of shotta Of andres Of segoviya it published in its editorial staff of variation to the theme of Spanish folii and the seam of Manuel ponse. In the opinion Of segovii, this - one of the most significant compositions among those sometimes created for the guitar. In the tsitirovannoy above article "notes of heart and memory" Of segoviya it recalls about the joint automobile journey with Manuel de Falla from Switzerland to Venice to the international musical festival. During this journey Of segoviya much spoke about Ponse. "in the concrete examples, - it recalls Segoviya, - I attempted to open the honest and elevated nature of Mexican maestro, his simple, modest means of life. Once in Cremona Falla participated to me at that moment, when I worked at variations on the theme of Spanish folii. It listened to with the considerable attention. Its impatience to learn, who the author, was is so great, that he attempted to learn this by gestures. After finishing performance, I answered: To "ponse". "as I rad, - exclaimed with relief Falla, - that his this composition". Falla was gratified by the fact that this truthful and excellent music was originated by the same truthful and excellent soul... "(Segovia A Manuel M. ponce// Ritmo. 1972. No. 422.).

Manuel ponse so entrusted to the artistic taste Of seg.ovii that, sending for the editorial staff this composition, which consists of twenty variations, he proposed to it to forego those, which will not completely satisfy it. After editing all variations, Segoviya it decided to joke and in the letter to the composer wrote: "expensive Manuel! With all variations in me nothing it is obtained. Therefore I think to publish only four-five ". Ponse answered briefly: "it is agreeable". There was how the surprise of composer, when Segoviya it entrusted to it those published by the publishing house Of shotta of all twenty variations. In the creative friendship Ponse with The the segoviyey was born the "southern concert", also dedicated to great guitarist. "from the spring 1926, - it recalls Segoviya, - basic themes of this composition ripened in its [ Ponse. - - M. vaysbord. ] to soul. But the circumstances of my life, which divided us for long years, did not make it possible to complete this concert. Partially this was connected with the appeared difficulties. We feared, that the tender sonorousness of guitar will sink in sounding of orchestra or that the transparent paints of guitar, similar to the night glowworms before the dawn, it is faded in the connection with the orchestra. The creation of "southern concert" stayed until appears concert Kastel`nuovo-Tedesko Re the major key, completed by me in Mexico with the orchestra, by which conducted Ponse. This served as an impetus to the return To ponse to the work on the concert. Each time, when postman brought to me thick envelope - this day was for me holiday. I put aside all matters and concerning the enormous enjoyment returned to the study of the fact that left from under the feather Ponse "(Segovia A Manuel M. ponce// Ritmo. 1972. No. 422.). The creative collaboration Of segovii To ponse proved to be exceptionally fruitful. Besides compositions named above, Ponse dedicated To segovii classical sonata ("the tribute of respect Fernando Copy"), romantic sonata ("the tribute of respect to Franz Schubert"), "theme, variation and finale", study, waltz, mazurka. Mexican composer made for Segovii and the compositions Of a. skarlatti, Paganini, Bach. Comparatively recent it became known that Ponse belongs and the suite, which was considered the composition of famous lyutnista of Leopold vays`s Sil`viusa. This suite (prelude, Alemandu, saraband, Gavot, Gigoux) Ponse wrote on the initiative Of segovii, after demonstrating the high skill of artistic stylization. Manuel de Falla, who was being enraptured by talent To ponse, highly valued its plays in the style Of vaysa. "my dear friend comrade, did write Manuel de Falla on 5 April, 1943, of Manuel ponse, did publish you the excellent play in the style OF THE XVIII century, which Andres Of segoviya of years ten did back play in Granada? Never I will forget impression, which it produced to me ". Suite in the style Of vaysa is matchless - its completing bright, virtuoso zhiga emphasizes the dancing nature of work and undoubtedly it must cause furore in listeners. Are excellent so refined allemanda, sensual saraband, and the motor dynamics of gavota simply impels you to rush into the dance, but in my view prelude is most expressive among all plays. Very accurately grasped and emphasized all details of the musical style of the inherent in epoch baroque, placed by Manuel ponse into this suite, the Argentinean guitarist of Ernesto bitetti, to be convinced of this you can after hearing audio application to the notes. The generous melodic gift to Manuel ponse is revealed also in his twelve preludes of those dedicated To segovii. "Mexican suite", three-part "theme with the variations and finale" - all these plays compose the inherent repertoire of contemporary guitarists. Composer to these uses acknowledgement on the native land, yes even in entire peace.

On 10 - 13 March, 1982, in Mexico City to the century from the birthday of Manuel ponse took place the first international competition of the guitarists of his name.

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