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Aleksandr Rudin (Chief conductor)

Aleksandr RUDIN - violoncellist, conductor, pianist, the leader of the chamber orchestra Musica Viva, teacher.

In all hypostases the musician succeeds himself in appearing by bright and outstanding personality.
He finished the academy of music of the name Of gnesinykh according to the class of violoncello in L.B.Evgrafova and fortepiano in Yu.Ponizovkina, and also Moscow conservatory according to the class of conducting in Dm.G.Kitayenko.

A.Rudin - laureate of international competitions "concertino Prague" (1972), the name Of i.S.Bakha in Leipzig (1975), name of Gaspar Kassado in Florence (1979), name Of p.I.Chaykovskogo in Moscow (1978, 1982). The artistic career of musician has long ago flowed in several line of business. Since 1983 it - the soloist of Moscow state academic philharmonic society. Since 1988 he is artistic leader and conductor of the chamber orchestra Musica Viva and invited conductor of orchestra Arpeggione (Austria). Appears as soloist and conductor with the symphonic associations: By royal philharmonic orchestra (London), by the orchestra of Danish radio (Copenhagen), by Viennese philharmonic orchestra, by the orchestra of Bavarian opera, theater Santa -Cecili4, by the large symphonic orchestra of name By p.I.Chaykovskogo, Russian national orchestra, by the state academic symphonic orchestra of Russia, by Moscow and St. Petersburg philharmonic; by chamber orchestras the "virtuosos of Moscow", "taypeyskaya simfoniyetta"; By shtutgardskim and Munich chamber, etc.

Musician participated in the festivals in Edinburgh, Istanbul, Ljubljana, Kukhmo. The permanent partners Of a.Rudina in chamber muzitsirovanii became such unsurpassed masters of contemporary ispolnitel‘stva, as It yu.Bashmet, B.Davidovich, N.Gutman, V.Kraynev, A.Lyubimov, Dm.Sitkovetskiy, etc. Musician collaborated with many well-known composers - D.Kabalevskim, E.Denisovym, I.Cherepninym, V.Sil‘vestrovym, R.Shchedrinym, V.Artemovym, A.Golovinym. they realized diverse records, among which the work of different epochs and styles - from Bach to Denisova.

As soloist and conductor a.Rudin wrote down CDS on the firms "melody", "Russian season", "Russian disk", RCD, NAXOS, OLYMPIA, TUDOR and others. Maestro Of a.Rudin - people artist of Russia (2001), the professor of the Moscow state conservatory of the name Of p.I.Chaykovskogo. Musician conducts the class of chamber ensemble in the Moscow conservatory and regularly gives master- classes in the different cities of Europe, since 1991 he teaches in the academy of the name Of sibeliusa in Helsinki. Since 1993 Of a.Rudin he is the President of the charitable foundation "musical meetings" and by the artistic leader of the festivals, organized by fund and orchestra.

In 2001 the musician is rewarded with the reward to the city halls of Moscow, in 2003 it is honored the State Prize to the Russian Federation in the region of literature and skill. A.Rudin - term of the judges of many international competitions, including OF X and XI competitions im. The the p.I.Chaykovskogo, the competition Of i.S.Bakha in Leipzig in 1998. In 2002 - chairman of the judges of the violoncellists OF THE XII international competition im. Tschaikovsky.

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