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Graph Murzha (Violin soloist)

The Graph Murzha began to be occupied by music in 3 years under the management of father. Then for two years it were occupied with professor Wolf By usminskim in Ekaterinburg; in 1982 it entered into the central musical school with the Moscow conservatory of the name Of p.I.Chaykovskogo into professor Irina bochkovoys class. Having still learned in the school, he became prize-winner and conqueror of two international competitions of the name Of n.Paganini in genoa (1990) and name Of vianna yes of Mott in Lisbon (1991).

In professor i.Bochkovoy it finished Moscow conservatory (1997) and assistenturu- practice period (1999). In the same period it worked on probation itself in the Royal Academy of music in London, which it finished with the difference (1997-1999).

In the years of the studies of the graphs Of murzha he became laureate and conqueror of several international competitions, among them: International competition of the name Of the p.I.Chaykovskogo in Moscow (1994), name of Jacques tibo in Paris (1996, France), name Pablo To sarasate into Pamplona (1997, Spain), name Rodolfo Of lipitsera (2000, Goritsiya, Italy) and international competition UNISA (2002, Pretoria, YUAR).

Since 1990 Of g.Murzha regularly it comes out with the solo concerts and invites by the symphonic orchestras of Russia and Europe as the soloist; it comes out in many largest halls of France, England, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Japan, Korea and Russia, similar as: the hall Of pleyel in Paris, theater in The eliseyskikh fields, theater de la of vill in Paris, "barbikan" in London, hall "arsenal" in Mettse (France), in Zurich, Milan, menthone (France), yearly appear into Kontsertgebau in Amsterdam, and also halls of Moscow conservatory, St. Petersburg philharmonic society and drugikh.

Violinist collaborated with the domestic conductors as Ye.Svetlanov, M.Ermler, Yu.Simonov, A.Dmitriyev, V.Polyanskiy, V.Ponkin, V.Ziva, V.Dudarova, M.Gorenshteyn.

In the repertoire of violinist are more than 30 concerts with the orchestra, among them the rarely usable works Of dokhnani, Badingsa, Yetsa, Nosyreva, Bartoka.

Since 1996 as the permanent partner of violinist in the ensembles appears the pianist the laureate of international competitions Natalie gus.

In 2000 Of g.Murzha it made for the French firm HARMONIA MUNDI a record of the works Of ravelya, Shnitke, Shimanovskogo, the received highest reward "shock" in periodical Le Monde de la musique. In 2001 the violinist wrote down for the firm S.yuant du Monde two concerts of Prokofiev with BSO im. Tschaikovsky. In 2003 from N.Gus wrote down for firm HARMONIA MUNDI the disk from the works Of shimanovskogo and Stravinskogo, which also obtained the highest prizes of the French journals "repertoire" and "Klassika".

In the beginning of 2004 Of g.Murzha and N.Gus wrote down for firm HARMONIA MUNDI disk Le violin vagabond from the violin virtuoso plays and the miniatures, which obtained all highest prizes of the French musical periodicals, including "gold range", 10 repertoir and S.yuos. Is also prepared for the release by the French sound-recording company "alpha" disk from the works Of d.Shostakovicha.

During March 2004 obtained title deserved artist rossii.

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