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Adina Nitescu (Soprano)

Rumanian singer. It learned in Bucharest in the musical academy (in professor zhorzhety To stoleriu), into y992-9yagg. it were improved in Germany in Joseph loybl and in the operatic studio of Bavarian state opera. In the beginning 1990- X yr. she became the conqueror of such prestige vocal competitions as television competition the BBC "singer of peace" into Kardife (Great Britain), "Belvedere" in Vienna (Austria), competition Lyuchano To pavarotti in Philadelphia (USA). Was noted by rewards on the festivals in Newport (USA) and Ueksforde (Ireland), and also by the fund BY UNESCO, by Austrian radio, by Irish radio and dr.

In season 1993/94 she was the soloist of the opera of Leipzig, where it fulfilled party they were ground Annas ("the Don Juan" V. a.Motsart) in setting of John d‘yu. parallel‘no it appeared in the opera of Cologne and in the state opera of Bucharest.

In y99shchg. it made a debut in the milanskom Theatre la Scala ("magic flute" V. a.Motsart, the party of the first lady, conductor Rikkardo of sludge), in the following season at the invitation of sludge was ripe here Fenisa and To sidoniyu in the the glyukovskoy "Armide".

In y99‘g. in the party of Margarets in "Faust" Of sh. Gounod took place her debut in the German opera in Berlin.

In y99"g. at The glayndbornskom festival (Great Britain) it came out in the title party of opera" manon of fishing lines "of J. puchchini (conductor John Eliot Gardiner), in two years it was again invited into Glayndborn to the renewal of this setting.

In y999g. in The niderlanskoy opera in Amsterdam for the first time carried out to Michael in "Carmen" Zh. Bizet.

In season 2000/2001 party are ground the Annas it sang in the la of Scala and the Parisian opera Of bastilii. Then she is ripe to Michael in Houston and returned to Paris in order to participate in the new setting of the "bat" Of i. Strauss in the opera Of bastilii. In 200yg. it made a debut in the party of Evas ("Nuremberg meysterzingery" R. Wagner) in Santiago de of Chile and was accepted participation in execution of the requiem of G. Verdi at the festival in Ravenne with the Chicago symphonic orchestra under Christoph eshenbakha.
‘s administration
In the following year in genoa took place its debut in the title party "Madame the butterfly" J. puchchini, the same party it also sang into 200yag. in the play of the Theatre la Scala (conductor of Bruno Bartoletti).

Much fulfills the puchchiniyevskiy repertoire: party By mimi ("Bohemia") it sang in Bucharest, Cologne, Tokyo, and also into 2001g. - in the Hamburg state opera and 2003g. - in the Viennese state opera; the party Of manon of fishing lines it fulfilled in Kahn, Genuye, Florence, and also in the German opera in Berlin.

In season 2003/2004 party are ground the Annas it carried out in the opera of Dallas, while in the party they were ground Elviras it made a debut in the opera of Los Angeles (conductor Kent Nagant revolver). During March 200shchg. in the party are ground Elviras it took place its debut on the scene of New York theater Metro- opera (conductor Philipp Jordan).

During October 200shchg. in the theater of San- Porta (Naples) is planned its debut in the title party of opera "melancholy" of J. puchchini.

In the season of Bolshoi theater 2004/2005 as the executor of title party participates in setting of opera by "Madame the butterfly" (conductor- producer of Roberto ritstsi Brin‘oli, producer-director Robert Wilson).

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