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Robert Wilson (Light Designer)

Was borne in g. of the Vacas, the state of Texas. 1962- m in order to enter the department of the architectural design of the New York institute of Pratt, it left from the last policy of the University of Texas, where at will of parents was studied the "administrative matter". After moving into New York, for the first time visited theater, but also plays of Metro- opera, and show on Broadway left by its indifferent, then the strong impression produced the abstract ballets of George Balanchina, settings March Grekhem and the choreographic experiments of Moers Cunningham. At the same time in the American theatrical laboratory in Jerome robbinsa Wilson was for the first time introduced to the bases of the skill of Japanese theater No. by teachers, who had on it clout, steel the expressionist Of dzhorzh Of maknil, under management of which in summer 1964- GO in Paris Wilson dealt with painting, and architect from Arizona Paolo soleri, in whom he worked on probation himself 1966- m immediately after the end of instituta.

1967- m Wilson makes the decision to be concentrated on the stage work and on the garret floor of house to 141 Spring- Street organizes the studio, which was called name Byrd Hoffman School of Byrds (BHSoB). In y9‘9g. he creates with it two noticeable settings: the "king of Spain" (composition, based on the means of the children‘s fantasies of Wilson) in Anderson‘s theater and "life and the times of Freud‘s Zigmunda" in the Brooklyn academy of muzyki.

International acknowledgement arrived at Robert Wilson into y9"yg. after play the" view of the deaf ", which received from one of the French critics determination" speechless opera ". Play was created in the collaboration with the deaf-mute black adolescent Shityu raymondom by Andrews, whom Wilson 1968- m randomly met on the street of New Jersey, and more lately he adopted. Seven-hour play - fruit of the visual fantasies of thirteen year Raymonda, which thinks not by words, but by the visible means - it was acknowledged as the salient phenomenon of contemporary theater. French surrealist Louis Aragon after Parisian the premiers of the "view of deaf" wrote about Wilson: "4 it saw never nothing so excellent. No other play can be compared with this, since this be into one and also time the waked up life and the life, seen with the closed eyes..., the reality, mixed with the sleep. Bean Wilson is not surrealist. He that, about which we, that bore surrealism, dreamed so that it would arrive after us and would go further nas".

After the success of the "view of deaf" and the enthusiastic opinion of Aragon Wilson obtains invitations from the international theatrical festivals. In y9"2g. in Shiraze (Iran) he carried out a grand project" mountain kA and watch terrace ". Deystvo, in which was accepted the participation of more than 500 people, it passed under the open sky on seven sacred hills and lasted seven days even seven nights in a row. In y9"eg. in Copenhagen Wilson placed twelve-hour play" life and time of Joseph Stalin ", who was also shown in New York and San- Paolo. In y9"yag. Wilson was introduced to thirteen year Kristoforom sick with autism By knoulsom and was placed with it play" the letter to queen Viktorii".

In y9"‘g. Robert Wilson together with Philipp glass created" poetic meditation "" Einstein on the beach ". Opera was written according to the methodology of the uilsonovskogo theater of the artist: the separately "visual book" and separately "audiokniga". For Glassa "Einstein on the beach" it became the first work in the theater, while for Wilson - by first experiment of musical play. "Einstein on the beach" was shown at The avin‘onskom festival, in the Metro- opera and on the world tour into 1984 and 1992 this play was honored the rewards of French criticism and main prize Of bITEFa.
after "Einstein on the beach" Robert Wilson placed predominantly in Europe, including in the West Berlin theater Shaubyune, the Waist- theater in Hamburg, at the Salzburg festival. In Shaubyune he placed plays "death, destruction Detroit" (1979g.) and "death, destruction Detroit 2" (y9"9g.), in the Waist- theater - plays" black rider "Vol. U31tsa- U. To s.Berrou (y990g.), "Alisa" according to L. Carroll (y992g.), the "time of rokera" according to G. Wells (1996g.) and "POEtry" (2000g.) - original works on the motives of the subjects of the works of classical opera and the prose, composed on the initiative Of uilsona.

In the beginning of the 80th Wilson planned grand project by the name "the Civil Wars: the tree it is best to measure, when it fell ", which had to become the central event of the artistic festival of the world Olympic Games 1984- GO in Los Angeles. According to Wilson‘s concept twelve-hour idea consisted of six parts, which narrate about the most dramatic periods in the history of different peoples, such as thirty-year war of Germany, the opposition of the north and south in THE USA, the samurai battles in Japan. Each part had to be placed in that country, with Civil War of which dealt the discussion. However, in this form project not was final, individual parts were shown BY THE USA, to Europe and Japan.

In the last 20 years Robert Wilson achieves settings of classical plays and it leaned. As artist director it placed in the milanskom la of Scala, the New York Metro- opera, the Parisian opera Of bastiliya, the operatic theater of Zurich, the Hamburg state opera, the Brussels theater la monne, the lyric opera of Chicago and Houston grandee to opera. Among its settings Of "parsifal‘" Of r. Wagner (Hamburg, y99yg.), the "magic flute" Of v. a.Motsart (Paris, y999g.), "loengrin" Of r. Wagner (Zurich, 1991; New York, y998g.), "Madame is butterfly" (Paris, y99eg.), the "lock of duke dark-blue beard" B. Bartok "expectation" Of a. shenberg (Zal‘tsburgskiy festival, 1995g.) "pelleas and Melizanda" Of k. Debussy (Paris, y99"g.)," Orpheus "and" al‘tsesta "Of k. v.Glyuk (Paris, y999g.), the" ring of Nibelungen "Of r. Wagner (Zurich, 2000-2002gg.)," Aida "G. Verdi (Brussels, 2002g.). Recently Wilson completed new setting "I La galigo" (on the Indonesian epic poem), zaplanirovanuyu for the demonstration at the festival of Lincoln- center (New York) in summer 200shchg.

Robert Wilson collaborates with the outstanding artists, the writers and the musicians. With the most important dramatist of the second-half KHKH of century By khaynerom by Mueller he worked at the German part of "Civil Wars", were placed his plays "Hamlet- machine" (1986g.) and "quartet" (y98"g.). With the famous American singer Of dzhessi Norman Robert Wilson supplied to theater in The eliseyskikh fields "large day in the morning" (y982g.), and on the scene of Parisian theater To shatle the "winter way" Of f. Schubert (200yg.).

Pictures, figures, sculptures, objects of interior and installations, created by Robert Wilson, were represented in the largest galleries and the museums 0 0N throughout the world. Retrospective exhibitions were passed to Parisian center of Pompidou and Bostonskiy the museum of fine arts. Was created to installation for the museum Of stedelik in Amsterdam, the London museum Of klink, museums Of gugenkhayma in New York and Bilbao and many its other exposure "presenting To isamu Of noguchi" was represented in the Seattle artistic museum, and it "installation with the actors" "G.A. story "("Giorgio‘s history Armani"), created for the New York museum Gugenkhayma, was demonstrated in London, Rome and Tokio.

Each summer Robert Wilson carries out in the center Of votermill (Watermill Center) in East Long Island - the laboratory of skills and of the humanities, created for the creative collaboration of students and professionals. The completion of the building of main building and the solemn discovery of center is planned for the spring of 200‘g.


Robert Wilson has more than sixty rewards and rewards.
twice - into 1971 and y980gg. - he obtained the reward of the fund For gugenkheyma, 1975- m - the reward of the fund for Rockefeller, into y98‘g. it was nominated to the Pulitzer reward in the drama, 1993- m was obtained "gold lion" for the sculpture on Venetian Biyennale, 1996- m - prize To doroti Lilian Of gish for the service to skill, 97- m - the "reward of Europe" (Taormina), 2001- m - national artistic reward. He is the member of the American academy of skills and literature (2000g.), the commander of national order for the merits in the region of literature and skill (France, 2002g.).

Numerous articles and various publications are devoted to Robert Wilson‘s creation. In 2003 left the first monograph about Robert Wilson in the Russian language "Robert Wilson. Theater of artist "V. i. berezkina.

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