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Ballet Show "Summer Seasons" by Russian National Ballet Theatre Classical Ballet Festival
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22 February 2018 (Thu), 19:00 Rachmaninov Concert Hall of the Moscow State Conservatoire - Show Berezka Dance Ensemble

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The world famous State academic choreographic ensemble Beryozka (The Birch) was founded in 1948 by one of the most outstanding choreographers of the 20th century Nadezhda Nadezhdina. Being a person of the highest culture and erudition, she knew well, what riches are concealed in the creativity of the Russian people, and perceived it like a poet.
In her creations Nadezhda Sergeyevna imparted poetry of an ancient round dance to the classical dance, connecting the past to the present. The maiden round dance, composed by her to the sound of the Russian national song Vo pole beryozka stoyala (In the field the Birch stood) has been bewitching the audience by the exotic, floating step, making an impression that girls stand still, and the scene under them rotates, for nearly 70 years. In the face of the viewer the whole birchwood suddenly comes to life and appears in solemnly stately parade. Soon the well-known round dance gave the name to the ensemble, in which Nadezhda Nadezhdina made her dream come true devoted herself to creation her own scenic works on a national basis.
Subsequently the brand step was used in many round dances of the ensemble. According to the press, during the years of concert activities of Beryozka, dancers of the ensemble has walked the distance exceeding the equator length with the floating step.

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Schedule for Berezka Dance Ensemble 2018

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